Community is our immunity

Wellness week is a full five days of treatment at the Healing Hut Clinic. It is a combination of 50 treatments to help patients regain their health and to get them out of the trenches of illness. Wellness week was designed for patients who need a reboost, a detoxification, restoration of health.

Wellness week includes:

Intensive labs, imaging, specialty testing

IV therapy daily


Shake plate and sauna

DNA testing and consulting

Food intolerance testing

Full Screening physical

Stem Cell therapy




and more….

“When I first came to Wellness Week, I was struggling with liver failure. My doctors had no answers for me. Dr. Dandy ran labs on me and found that I was in iron overload and it was killing my liver. After more testing, she ruled out that it was a genetic illness and suggested I come to wellness week. Within my first few days, I knew that I was going to be okay. My AST and ALT (liver enzymes) quickly began to improve. I am happy to say three years later, I am 100% out of liver failure, no more iron overload and I have my health back. I come for a wellness week once per year to keep up on my health and make sure I live a long and healthy life. I do not know where I would be today without wellness week.” -MJ