The Healing Hut Clinic offers multiple treatments and protocols in for Hyperbaric oxygen treatment. This treatment has been used in cellular healing since the 1800s. It helps with repairing the tissue within the body by saturation the cells with oxygen.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy (HBOT) is a treatment that involves a patient breathing oxygen through a mask while in a fully enclosed pressure chamber. It has been successfully used to treat many diseases. The two basics of this therapy are the effects of pressure and then effects of oxygen.

Then latest research from the American Journal of Physiology has demonstrated a substantial increase in stem cell production after hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


Studies of people who have undergone HBOT show remarkable improvement in blood flow to the brain. Adequate blood flow in the brain is vital for mental health.

Most of the research has found that 1.3-1.5 ATA (mHBOT) is the most effective for neurological conditions which include concussions, strokes, developmental disorders (Autism spectrum), dementias, Parkinsons, and for countless other brain conditions.


“In 2018, I had a ischemic stroke. After my follow up care in the hospital, I felt alone, as if I had no other options other than “don’t have another stroke.” Then I read about the Hyperbaric Oxygen and met with Dr. Dandy to discuss my options. At the time I had a slight speech delay, decreased use of my right arm, headaches and brain fog from the stroke. After 80 sessions in the HBOT, I am back to driving, full function of my mouth, hand, muscles and I feel great. I am so grateful to have found this treatment. It has also improved my memory, libido, energy and sleep.” -H.J.