In today’s culture, when someone is suffering from a chronic health issue, it is hard to get the right help. The first course of action that must be taken is getting to the root cause. Dr. Dandy specializes in root cause health issues, which has led her to specialize in stealth infections.


Dr. Dandy has had her own personal journey with Lyme and co-infections. It is important that all systems are supported with the diagnosis of Lyme, including the following co-infections

All species of Borrelia





Chlamydia (non-sexually transmitted)

Including any viral load, auto-immune, mold, heavy metals and gut dysbiosis.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia/Chronic Epstein Barr infection:

Often times a person will get sick with a virus or illness and then they find that they have not felt well sick. Maybe a person just feels like they can never get their energy back, pain under control, sleep regulated, or mood stabilized. Often there is a reason for these things. EBV is notorious for exacerbating hypothyroid, Hashimoto, insomnia, auto-immune, chronic pain and mood dysregulation.

Dr. Dandy uses a combination of herbs, pharmaceuticals, IV therapy, in depth lab and genetic testing, physical and mental modalities to revive chronically ill patients to optimal health.