Dr. Jade Dandy, NMD, MSiMR

Dr. Jade Dandy is an Idaho native and fell in love with Naturopathic medicine at a young age. She graduated from National University of Natural Medicine (NUMN) in 2015. Focusing on chronic illness, she earned her Doctorates in Natural Medicine as well as Masters of Science in Integrative Medicine Research. Dr. Dandy is an advocate for her patients’ health journey, integrating western medicine with time-tested natural medicine to bring patients back to optimal health. It is her strong belief that it is everyone’s birthright to live a happy and healthy life. Dr. Dandy is also an avid gardener and a hot springs hunter.


Dr. Morgan MacDermott, ND

Dr. MacDermott is a passionate, enthusiastic force in the world of natural pediatrics, dedicated to transforming the struggles of modern families. As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and mother of three young children, she blends modern medical expertise and traditional communal wisdom to help families navigate wellness throughout their children’s lives.

Morgan believes that the best way to advance the health of future generations is by revolutionizing the health and wellbeing of our current mothers and children. She is the creator of Milk Medicine and is committed to creating accessible, honest resources for families to utilize in becoming empowered, confident parents before and throughout their family-building journey.


Dr. Kimberly Rainey, DPT, MSPT

Dr. Rainey earned her Master’s of  Physical Therapy from California State University, Long Beach and her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from University of Montana. She is a dnalife®  Certified Practitioner uniquely trained to create the best diet, nutrition, and lifestyle program that will support your specific genetic needs. She is also a Certified Nutritional Physical Therapist with areas of nutritional expertise and interest in: nutrigenomics, energy production, metabolism, detoxification, and weight management. Kimberly is dedicated to personalized, evidence-based medical guidance and whole-person health care.


Dr. Lindsey Friedman, LAc, DACM

Dr. Lindsey believes our bodiesare adaptable with incredible ability to heal and she partners with you to awaken those healing capabilities with natural holistic medicine. Dr. Lindsey saw first hand after a major car accident the immense benefits of integrative medicine. She received her Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2014 and Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Health Science (PCHS) focusing on treating chronic conditions and mental health. She loves spending time with family + friends and she enjoys meditation, yoga, hiking and snowboarding.


Tabitha – Clinical Supervisor 

Tabitha has been a phlebotomist/MA for 15 years. She began her career in law enforcement, learning many techniques that to this day are a favorite conversation topic. She continued to serve more patients through hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, reference laboratories, a plasma center to now where I call home at The Healing Hut.  “I started my journey here at The Hut in 2017. My journey here has been the biggest blessing of my life. I was able to take a small piece of every place I had ever served and Incorporate it into our clinic.  Together we have created a space that allows us to serve our patients with love and compassion.  My life’s joy is found in healing the sick wounded and broken. A very wise person told me once, if you earn a job you love, you will never work a day in your life….”


Heather- Patient Care Coordinator

Heather is the heart beat of the Healing Hut. She works as the office manager by day and mother of 5 by night. There is nothing this woman cannot do. She graduated from California State University, Fullertin in Human Services. She has a 15 year history in human resources. Heather is passionate about serving our community. 


Carter – Phlebotomist

Carter began his medical career as a psychiatric technician where his passion and love for helping others grew. He is still currently in school pursuing a degree in Health Science. When he is not being out numbered by amazing, intelligent women at work he goes home to his wife and two sons, where there is non stop laughter and chaos.