Here at the Healing Hut Clinic we run ZRT testing (saliva), Dutch testing (urine) and blood work to make sure to create a full and clear picture of hormone health. Hormones create a balance within our lives and when they are off, 100s of chemicals can be off within the body.

Our hormone services include:

Bioidentical hormone replacement

Herbal treatment




Your adrenal glands sit ontop of the kidney’s like little hats. They are where the body produces cortisol, the organic chemical in the body to handle stress. The body only has one response to stress, whether you are running from a lion, worrying in your head all day, external stress from life, not getting enough rest and sleep, or have internal stress from infection and toxins, you use cortisol. With modern life, this stress hormone gets uses up. You should wake with enough “gas” in your tank to get through a full day, but when this stress hormone begins to become depleted you may experience adrenal fatigue or adrenal insufficencty which can manifest as the following symptoms:

Feeling tired all day and then wired at night

Hair loss

Low libido

Brain fog

Buzzing sensation within the body

Heart palpations

POTs (postural hypotension)


Panic attacks/depression

Night sweats

But not all is lost, this can be measured and treated. It is important to know that when it comes to adrenal fatigue, having the right practitioner in your corner is important, because it can be a long, tiresome road back to health.


It used to be that back in the day hypothyroid was called toxic thyroiditis, because when the body becomes too overburdened, they thyroid will become overtaxed and not work properly.

Most times if the thyroid is needing treated, then the adrenals have been worn out for sometime. Many practitioners simply run a TSH, but that does not give the full picture of the thyroid. At the Healing Hut Clinic, we run a full panel and always rule in or out Hashimoto as well. Hashimoto is an auto-immune disease of the thyroid that often gets missed.

There are many underlying issues that correlate with hypothyroid and Hashimoto including:

Food intolerances

Dysbiosis: such as h.pylori and candida

Nutritional deficiencies


Heavy metals


Chronic sinusitis

Chronic viral load