Dr. Dandy specializes in custom, non-preservative, methylated nutrient Intravenous Nutritional Therapy (IVNT). Each bag is drawn up fresh and personalized per patient need. At the Healing Healing Hut Clinic, IVNT is taken very serious, with sterility, optimized nutrients, freshness and skilled technicians.

Benefits and physiology of IVNT:

IV Nutritional Therapy works at a cellular level to infuse vital nutrients back into the body after they have been depleted over the course of illness, exercise, stress, lack of sleep and the toll of day to day life.

Each one of our cells has over 800 trillion chemical reactions per second, using up substances such as vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, selenium, calcium, and potassium. These are the building blocks to healthy gene expression resulting in healthy tissues, resulting in a strong and healthy body

​Whether you are needing a boost before a big athletic event, or you feel like you might be getting sick and need an immune boost, IV Nutritional Therapy is a great option. 

Our Lounge:

Not all IVNT lounges are the same. Some IV fluids that are used in the industry carry preservatives, do not have a practicing doctor onsite, order the nutrients frozen. We ask that patients be weary of this, for it creates more danger and decreased optimization with treatment.

At the Healing Hut, we offer IV nutritional therapy as a lounge option in our community treatment room. Make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Dandy or one of our wonderful medical staff members.

Our Personalized Bags:

We create bags to meet your needs. Many of our patients find themselves exhausted with taking multiple supplements, so we custom a Multi Vitamin bag for them based off labs and symptoms and they come in 1-4 time per month for their own formulations.

We have bags for chronic infections, such as Epstein Barr, Lyme, common colds, and so much more.

Many of our bags are custom made for detoxification of daily exposures such as mold, heavy metals, chemicals sprayed in the air.

Additional IVNT for hormones, headaches, hang overs, eye health, brain health, and overall general wellness. We are excited to see you in our lounge.