Balance Pearls

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The design of Balance Pearls is based on the popular 18th century formula Banxia Baizhu Tianma Tang, originally inspired by the Yuan dynasty scholar-physician Li Dongyuan who asserted that “headaches caused by phlegm must be addressed with Banxia, and dizziness must be approached with Tianma.” To this day, this remedy continues to be a common choice for treating disorders accompanied by symptoms of dizziness, discomfort in the head and internal wind. The key herb is Tianma (Gastodia elata), the tuber of a rare orchid traditionally highly valued in the folk medicine systems of SW China. Tianma contains precursors to levodopa and other chemical ingredients that modern pharmacology considers effective for the treatment of spasmodic disorders. The Shen Nong bencao jing (Shen Nong’s Materia Medica), China’s earliest single herb primer, went even further by naming it Guiduyou (Controller of Demons) and classifying it as an anti-Gu herb with strong anti-inflammatory and life prolonging properties. While Banxia Baizhu Tianma Tang can be used for any chronic disorder involving phlegm and internal wind, Balance Pearls specifically aims to utilize the ancient neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties of this remedy. Multiple ingredients are added that make the formula suitable for the long-term treatment of neurological issues and brain chemistry disorders with distinct symptoms of dizziness, disorientation, headaches, nausea and autoimmune complications.


Supplement Facts

Serving size: 3 capsules
Servings per contains: 
Amount per serving: 1500mg

*Proprietary blend containing pure herbal extracts of:

Atractylodes macrocephala rhizome (Baizhu), Prunella vulgaris fruit spike (Xiakuqiu), Rehmannia glutinosa root (Sheng Dihuang), Gastrodia elata rhizome (Tianma), Pinellia ternata rhizome processed (Banxia Qing), Wolfiporia cocos sclerotium (Fuling), Citrus reticulata peel (Chenpi), Platycodon grandiflorum root (Jiegeng), Prunus armeniaca seed (Xingren), Ganoderma lucidum fruiting body (Lingzhi), Zingiber officinale rhizome fresh (Shengjiang), Asparagus cochinchinensis tuber (Tianmendong), Schisandra chinensis fruit (Wuweizi), Glycyrrhiza glabra root (Gancao), Polygala tenuifolia root (Yuanzhi)

* % Daily value not established

Other ingredients: Bentonite clay, vegetable capsule

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