Amber Pearls

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Amber Pearls is a Ming dynasty prescription designed to stabilize Spleen function with bland food grade herbs. It is especially suitable for children who need improved digestive function manifesting in poor appetite, “picky” eating habits, poor immune function and other signs of Spleen qi deficiency.

For adults, it should be added to Earth Pearls or Vitality Pearls for conditions where the Spleen’s ability to lift qi and contain fluids has become compromised (i.e., loose stools or bleeding). In addition, this remedy can serve as a base remedy for the entire taiyin system, assisting healthy respiratory function (hand taiyin Lung) by gently tonifying digestion (foot taiyin Spleen) and preventing the development of dampness and phlegm. Most importantly, Amber Pearls may help regulate brain chemistry and a wide variety of cognitive issues in children, because 1) Earth can contain Fire; 2) the Spleen channel feeds into the Heart; 3) several ingredients can stabilize and calm the Heart Fire directly.


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